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About Kerstin Hern

Kerstin Hern, M.A., Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #139178

It’s in Kerstin's nature to bring warmth, validation, and inspire creative energy in all sessions, curating a brave, safe space for you to open up, share your stories, and explore with her. Kerstin creates and holds an environment of non-judgment and acceptance, where she deeply attunes to each client, working from a relational, curious, collaborative, and intuitive framework for healing and empowerment. She wholeheartedly believes the therapeutic relationship is a powerful healing experience that is the foundation of all successful and meaningful therapy.   Kerstin earned her M.A. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual, Jungian & Depth Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles. Kerstin holds a B.A. in English Literature, spent many years working in the music industry, and has studied eclectic folk magick, Western astrology, and tarot for over 30 years. Kerstin practices as a trauma-informed, resilience-informed, culturally-sensitive, affirmative, and integrative therapist. Kerstin is committed to utilizing evidence-based interventions + neuroscientific evidence with all clients, but she is also passionate about highlighting client strengths and gifts outside of the medical model.    SPECIALTIES + NICHE CLIENTELE: Anxiety conditions, CPTSD/PTSD/trauma, ADHD + neurodiversity, relationships, emotional regulation, self-esteem + worth, attachment/reparenting + Inner Child work, creative blocks + inspiration, psycho-spiritual + existential concerns, Dark Night of the Soul. Kerstin's niche clientele are creatives, empaths, HSP, neurodiverse, esoterically spiritual, and intuitive individuals, but she is eager to work with any and all fellow travelers who feel drawn to her style and experience!

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