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Embracing Depth: Meet Our New Jungian Therapist with a Passion for Depth Psychology

In an ever-evolving world where exploring the depths of the human psyche and the integration of diverse therapeutic approaches are gaining recognition and paving new breakthroughs in psychotherapy, we are thrilled to introduce our newest Jungian-informed therapist to our group psychotherapy practice. Combining her training in Jungian psychology with a passionate interest in depth psychology and experience in eclectic folk magick and tarot, Kerstin Hern, M.A., Associate Marriage & Family Therapist #139178, offers a unique and transformative approach to modern psychotherapy. Kerstin incorporates open-practice ancient wisdom traditions into her work with clients whom are interested, alongside tried-and-true evidence-based approaches, such as CBT, DBT, IFS, and mindfulness. In this post, we will acquaint you with Kerstin’s multifaceted background and explore the powerful integration of Jungian psychology, depth psychology, eclectic folk magick, and tarot in unlocking profound healing and personal growth.

Meet Our New Jungian-Informed Therapist

Kerstin Hern, M.A., AMFT, Kerstin Hern, M.A., AMFT, a highly skilled and compassionate therapist, joins our practice with an extensive understanding of Jungian psychology, depth psychology, eclectic folk magick, and tarot, weaving them with neuroscience and evidence-based tools and exercises. Her passion for exploring the depths of the human experience through these modalities enriches the therapeutic journey for our clients, and has been a directly meaningful form of healing for her since she was young. Kerstin has studied and practiced polytheistic folk magick, green witchcraft, astrology, and tarot since she was 12 years old while grappling with her own anxiety and depression resulting from trauma. Kerstin understands how community and chosen family can be life rafts for many people suffering in silence, as she learned about and shares a soul-level passion for philosophy, mysticism, and art from finding community in underground music scenes since her youth, and a career in the music industry, before answering her calling as a therapist.

Together, Kerstin believes the integration of Jungian, Depth, and esoteric practices create meaning-making, self-understanding, and process emotional pain. Ritual and ceremony are also integral in her “Jungoteric” (Jungian + esoteric) therapy work. Ancient ritual and ceremony are hidden in plain sight, such as blowing out candles on birthdays, wearing certain colors for certain holidays, and more, but in Western culture, we often lose sight of other important rites of passage and the honoring of emotional experiences on a deeper level. Kerstin believes engaging the inherently creative aspect of ritual and ceremony—be it a grief ritual for a dead name, or an inner child altar and ceremony for someone with attachment wounding—we activate healing using each client’s inner strengths and power.

Scientifically, setting intentions and using meaningful symbols as language in exploring and expressing the Self engages the neuroplasticity of our brains, allowing for new neural pathways that are connected to positive personal beliefs, self-esteem, self-worth, and behaviors to be carved, while pruning the old pathways associated with thought distortions and negative emotions and behaviors. Kerstin’s dedication to understanding the mind and body to facilitate deep healing and personal growth with her clients makes her an invaluable addition to our team.

Intro to Depth Therapy, Jungian Psychology & Esoteric Ritual Practices in Psychotherapy

Kerstin was kind enough to make this wonderful video which provides an introduction to the Trifecta of Depth, Jungian & Ritual Practices in Psychotherapy.

Kerstin Hern video: Intro to Depth Therapy, Jungian Psychology & Esoteric Ritual Practices in Psychotherapy

The Synergy of Jungian Psychology, Depth Psychology, and Eclectic Folk Magick

By combining Jungian psychology, depth psychology, and eclectic folk magick, Kerstin Hern offers clients a comprehensive and transformative therapeutic experience. Here's how these elements synergize:

  1. Unveiling the Unconscious: Jungian psychology and depth psychology share a common focus on delving into the depths of the unconscious mind and the Shadow—where we discard parts of ourselves that we feel ashamed of or even disgusted by, but which often control or influence our thoughts, emotions, and actions without our conscious awareness. Kerstin utilizes these approaches to help clients bravely explore these hidden aspects of their psyche, unraveling symbolic meanings and gaining deeper self-awareness that transforms what was hidden in the darkness into the light. By shining light on it, we can “name it to tame it,” in the words of Dr. Siegel. Awareness is medicine!

  2. Integrating Archetypal Forces: Both Jungian psychology and eclectic folk magick (among other cultural magick practices across the world) recognize the powerful presence of myth and transgenerational & Collective Unconscious archetypal forces that shape our lives. Kerstin helps clients engage with these archetypes by exploring and identifying with them, then understanding their influence on the client’s blockages, personal growth, healing, and ultimately their place within the collective human experience. This work can help heal transgenerational trauma, and also encourage the client to explore and embody their True Self in the here and now. Inspired by myth and archetypes, clients can re-write their own outdated narratives about themselves and create their new, updated personal myths and stories. Kerstin works with clients to write these new “scripts” while connecting them to somatic sensations and actions to transform undesirable automatic behaviors, thoughts, and feelings into empowered ones.

  3. Rituals and Symbolism: Eclectic folk magick incorporates rituals, spells, and symbolic practices to connect with greater forces individual to each client, be it Spirit, the universe, Guides, ancestors, the earth/plants/animals, God, Source…By engaging these external forces, clients activate their own indestructible internal wisdom, or core Self, that catalyzes positive change in their inner and outer worlds. Research has shown that performing rituals of any fame (from athletic sports to witchcraft) create more sustainable self-efficacy, reduces anxiety, and creates a sense of connection with others and the world. Kerstin guides clients in utilizing these ancient open practices, as well as creating their own meaningful ones, to explore personal symbolism, connect with "Helpers,” cultivate inner transformation, and integrate healing on an expansive level.

  4. Empowerment and Self-Mastery: The integration of depth psychology and eclectic folk magick supports clients in developing a sense of empowerment and self-mastery by using awareness, insights, and actions to find freedom and harmony in their minds and relationships. Kerstin has witnessed meaningful growth in her clients across several mental health conditions and life transitions using Jungian, Depth, and esoteric modalities. This work is meaningful and empowering for many folks across all identities; she has personally seen this approach benefit clients in the LGBTQIA+ community, artists, highly sensitive and/or neurodivergent individuals, intuitives, and everyone in between. These practices, along with other tools, such as expressive arts and Somatic work woven into the therapeutic relationship, can be tremendously healing. They engage non-verbal communication and creativity—both of which are powerful mechanisms in transforming not only our physical brains neurologically but also our minds and spirits. Through the exploration of their unconscious depths and the use of transformative and empowering mini to lengthy rituals, clients can tap into their innate inner resources, navigate life's challenges with ease and grace, and manifest positive change.


We invite you to embark on a transformative therapeutic journey with the addition of Kerstin Hern, our new integrative and Jungian-informed therapist with a passion for depth psychology and creative practices. Kerstin provides a unique opportunity for deep healing, self-discovery, and personal growth by collaborating with you to integrate the profound insights of Jungian psychology, the exploration of your unconscious motives and drives connected to past learnings highlighted by depth psychology, and the empowering shamanic practices of eclectic folk magick and other esoteric tools and traditions. If you seek a warm, compassionate therapeutic experience that embraces exploring these languages of the soul with both modern science and ancient wisdom tools, we encourage you to connect with us! Kerstin is happy to offer a free 15-minute consultation when you are ready… Discover the profound potential within you as you navigate the realms of the mind, heart, and spirit.

Contact Gaea Woods Psychotherapy, or Kerstin Hern directly to book your free consultation.


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