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Emotional Wellness Talk For Women & POC

Thanks to Gyals Network, WeWork, and Pulse TMS, I got to share some of my thoughts about emotional wellness, self care, building inner resources, and maintaining an optimistic perspective despite life's ups and downs.


To me, achieving emotional wellness and practicing self care means looking inward, being curious about yourself, and others from a non-judgemental perspective. It’s a practice. It’s more than epsom salt baths and facials.

Coincidentally, I broke out in all-over-body hives the same week I gave this talk. Dr. says it’s from stress. Proof that our bodies have limits and that self care is hard work! Also that I am pushing myself too hard, and not listening carefully enough to my own internal limits.

An invitation for me to re-examine my relationship to the strong woman complex (as Margena Carter spoke about so eloquently). Meaning a woman who bears the responsibility of societal standards of the female gender, while simultaneously earning a living and pushing through hardship without asking for help.

Special thanks to my co-panelists: Margena Carter, Brandi Veil, and Kristina Lembesis of Gyals Network.

Panelists: Brandi Veil, Margena Carter, & Gaea Woods
Brandi Veil, Margena Carter, & Gaea Woods

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