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Downward Facing Spiritual Spiral

I got to be a guest on the podcast Downward Facing Spiritual Spiral. The show is hosted by musician, writer, and yoga teacher Eddie Cohn. As a former radio show and podcast host myself, I enjoyed being on the receiving end of Eddie's questions (for a change). See below for his description of the episode.


Today on the Spiritual Spiral, I'm thrilled to welcome Marriage & Family Therapist, Gaea Woods, to the show. Gaea is also a talented artist and photographer and I actually met Gaea over 10 years ago when I was in the studio recording a new record. About seven years ago, she transitioned into the world of therapy where she practices full-time as a licensed therapist. Gaea and I begin by talking about creativity, photography and the challenges one can face dealing with the commerce side of art. Gaea shares the story about why she felt inspired to become a therapist and she even used to host her own podcast talking about relationships. We also discuss social media and mental health, the power of listening, societal and emotional triggers and some of the tools we can all use to try and alleviate stress in our lives. With all the cultural discussions about mental health over the last couple years, I felt it was an appropriate time to speak to Gaea. It's an important discussion and if you're potentially looking to speak to a professional about mental health issues, you can find Gaea in Los Angeles by visiting or click HERE. As always, thanks so much for listening and supporting the show.


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